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Hotel guests' need is the high quality service experience

Date: 2018-02-04

As you know, 70, 80, 90, after gradually become the mainstream of social consumption, more and more customers care about their self-cultivation, they focus on fashion.So their understanding of the hotel or service and after 50, 60.Meet the demand of respected the personalized service as the important reference factors of hotel selection.
In the next few years, the hotel to ensure guest room occupancy rate of our work, you first need to improving guest experience, and experience of what I mean is combined with "Internet + accommodation service" mode operation, when the hotel from the SaaS system management staff, after service guest room intelligent control system, so that can improve efficiency office and good guest experience.According to the statistics, the future China hotel intelligent transformation market has one thousand million, the future hotel development will become a smart hotel, lay particular stress on chartered rooms.I'm here to open a imagination, now everyone knows, the guest need to brush card to enter the room door, in the next few years are likely to sweep the code to open the door.The future Internet technology will have a significant impact on the lodging industry.
Traditional guest room VS Internet + accommodation services
Traditional hotel service (partial room) : housekeeping to master a few words of English, face smile, say hello to the customer, on a regular basis to clean the room and other services!So as a service manager, if in service perspective of these services is not enough.
Look, the Internet + accommodation services:
The Internet
Guests sitting on the sofa and the use of mobile phones only 2 steps to communicate service content to service personnel.In the aspect of personalization can choose according to avs time cleaning services, from the impression level make guests feel most "interesting" guest will think "features".
Accommodation services
For example, a mother took her own children in a five-star hotel in Beijing, summoned by the mother for the first time after the service, the room attendant saw there was a lovely child, because the winter in Beijing is dry, housekeeping prepared 2 bottles of water in the humidifier and left a note next to warm prompt, to prevent the guests and children because of the dry and irritated.
See this little story so everyone in the mind all understand, such service people really few, first of all this is from the service consciousness has half of the employees do not accord with standard of this kind, the only way to solve this matter is the need to invest a lot of service consciousness training + examination mechanism.Cost a lot.
The solution:
As the Internet education, I think everyone know a few nouns, such as "big data", "artificial intelligence", and so on these "SaaS".So I just talking in the previous paragraph "Internet + service", the hotel want to reduce costs and ensure the housekeeping service at the same time + chartered room technology focus, you need to find a hotel room service of science and technology co., LTD
With a small function, can in SaaS system recording historical data, providing personalized send list, according to previous employment cycle you reserved history worked for help guest workers provide services at any time.
Ace to help with the hotel service experience for many years, through the entity has realized the Internet + service experience, some people say that we are in the hotel drops a taxi, we politely rebuffed the metaphor, we are trying to become a taxi drops + haidilao bundle of services.