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Competitive pressure surge in the hotel to change

Date: 2018-11-09

In the first half of 2018, around the accommodation industry, domestic and international high-end hotels appear periodically slow, mid-range hotel market growth and good quality hotel gradually into scale, and the influence of the budget hotels are diminishing.Institute (MTA) released by the hotel according to Michael point, according to the trend of domestic several large hotels group in the power end, quality hotel market, competition is increasingly fierce.Reporter noticed Beijing capital tourism, home inns in Shanghai this year first younger hotel brand Yunik, live is completed for domestic fine holiday hotel brand buy flowers hall...Analysis of the personage inside course of study, in the consumer to upgrade promotion personalization accommodation industry and characteristic brand in the process of transformation, boutique hotel in the end become a "beacon" of the market, but the hotel products need to be differentiation and hard software level, to attract more customers.

In the end the hotel competition pressure

Mid-range hotels have been the current of main land of hotel group competition.According to Michael institute data points, according to a report in the first half of 2018, high-end hotel brand new domestic supply of 21091 rooms, year-on-year increase of 26.11% in 2017.Most high-end full service and limited service hotel brands in the volatility of growth, but the periodic slow between April and June.At present, due to the market pay more attention to "quality" in the lodging industry development, the mid-market brand gradually scale, head and cheap hotel's influence is weakened.At present, the domestic hotel in the market competition is more and more tend to FMCG, this means in terms of accommodation, hotel industry product development and brand management industry has reached a relatively equal market levels.

With the increase of property costs and labor costs, many hotels have upgrade brand, high-end hotel market in the overweight.Zhao Huanyan hotel senior experts pointed out that multinationals became hotel group in the end of the brand franchise mode, the brand in the domestic economy hotel group's internal proportion also gradually expanding.But it is important to note that the hotel after the increase in the number in the end, the supply and demand also changed accordingly, in some parts of the hotel management levels fall in the end, in the end the hotel market competition pressure surge.

Consuming upgrade products

Under the background of consumption upgrade, except the economy hotel into the mid-market become a trend, consumers increasingly high demand for quality accommodation, promote personalized build, characteristic hotel industry transformation, boutique hotel market expanding.At present, the domestic many hotels have been "quality" of the hotel in the layout and exploration.

The reporter understands, Beijing capital tourism home inns pointed out that to seek "Hotel +" path of development, of its home inns, motel, yan yan main economical brand reforming update, etc., and introduce young personalized mid-range brand Yunik Hotel;High-end category in China live group gradually expanded in recent years, in August this year for domestic fine holiday hotel brand is accomplished between strategic acquisitions, to enrich the high-end industrial layout;Platinum tao hotel group has shore, beautiful maple, ZMAX, 喆 fei hotel, and many other boutique hotel brand.

Zhao Huanyan said, boutique hotel is under the background of experience economy gradually evolved from traditional hotel form.Overseas boutique hotel prices higher than the high-end hotels, guest room number is in commonly 150 below.The domestic general non-standard high-end hotels as a boutique hotel.Boutique hotel brand relies on the characteristic to excel in the high-end, in the high-end hotels, which is about in the numerous brands.In the context of the current industry environment, if the lodging industry, relying on traditional revenue model, only by satisfying consumers the underlying functional requirements to earn the rent, hotel operation is always blocked.Future hotel mode should be a complex of living environment demand.

To improve service level

It is worth mentioning that although boutique hotel market potential is great, but for hotel operators, is not a lucrative entrance.Statistics show, boutique hotel need in such aspects as hardware input is almost twice the budget hotel, the average rate of return is less than 30% of the whole industry, and tend to be competitive with the market, industry profit margins are likely to continue downward.Hotel group or boutique hotel owners want to strengthen the core competitiveness, cultivating brand loyal fan base, will choose join right the way open, expand the scale of the brand line of business.But the boutique hotel joining threshold is higher than the budget hotel, investors joining intend thus affected.

This Zhao Huanyan said, in the field of boutique hotel, brand management fee and franchise fees belong to the security.In order to maintain the brand reputation, brand holder will improve the level of joining the hardware threshold, but the management fees and brand franchise fee did not improve market infrastructure.If the hotel's operation situation is not optimistic, the owner of the return on investment, there is no guarantee.

"We have learned, at present in the industry for the concept of boutique hotel no unified standard, and questions about the standardization of boutique hotel development, in fact is to ensure that the boutique hotel hardware and software level.For the domestic situation, accord with a standard hardware level problem is little;Level, but the software as a service level is difficult to reach the corresponding level."Zhao Huanyan said.

Otherwise the personage inside course of study is the development direction of boutique hotel in the future, according to the analysis of the future boutique hotel industry average profit margins will spin of this return cycle, boutique hotel want to realize collectivization, the brand development, brand owners can choose to entrust to the direct management of professional management company, intangible assets and output are more likely to profit.

In addition, the hotel owners can also be boutique hotel investment ideas fall in the real estate market, make a profit from the real estate value.